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By Anonymous - Posted on 18 October 2009

We were contacted by a lady early in 2005 as she had 2 donkeys, Billy & Hector which she didin't want would we take them, we obviously said yes and she said she would ring back. 3 months later she did demanding we fetch the donkeys straight away. We arrived at a very posh house with no donkeys in sight. I haven't been in the paddock for a couple of years we were told so I don't know how you will get near them. Out of sight in a paddock at the back were 2 poor donkeys who could hardly walk, were covered in lice and their coats were so matted we had to shave them bald when we got them back to the sanctuary. We had them caught and loaded within 10 mins I think they were glad to be going somewhere nice. I asked the lady when she last had their hooves trimmed and wormed them her reply was I didn't know that had to be done! I will send a donation for them WE ARE STILL WAITING. Billy is still a little nervous but a healthy, happy 18 year old donkey. There is no excuse for this sort of ignorance. Don't have pets if you are not going to look after them.