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By Anonymous - Posted on 18 October 2009

Early in December 2008 we were asked to take in 2 shetland ponies Katie & Tinker Bell as the lady owner couldn't cope and they were being very naughty with her, they knew she was scared of them so they ran riot. We said NO to start with as they weren't rescue cases and all our funds were taken up looking after donkeys. After speaking to the poor frightened owner face to face we knew she needed our help and as a genuine owner who cared for her animals we agreed to take them into the sanctuary. We went to fetch them on 6th December 2008 and she asked we bring several strong people as they won't get in a horse box so we went prepared to lift them in, we went prepared for the worst. The little ladies walked straight into our horse box with just one person handling them and we brought them home. The lady owner made a kind donation as is able to visit them when she likes. They are not as well mannered as we liked but they are certainly a lot better than when they arrived, they are shetlands with an attitude, this gives them character.