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Little Boris

By Anonymous - Posted on 18 October 2009

Little Boris arrived at the sanctuary in 2005 after a desperate plea from a beach operator. "I have a 3 year old donkey I purchased to put on the beach but I can't do anything with him, he will kill the children and probably me if I try and continue, shall I have him put to sleep or will you take him". Of course we will take him he can't be that bad and then the donkey arrived. Oh yes he was nasty so bad we called the vet in to see if he was a rig (one testicle left inside). It took 3 vets to get 10 mil of blood out of him for the test and they were all concerned for everyones safety. The test came back negative so it was just him. He was stabled on his own and Tracy decided to go in and handle and brush him every day. The bites got worse and he didn't respond to being told off that made him worse and Tracy was getting sore. She decided to pad her arms out so his teeth wouldn't mark and every time he went to bite she forced her arm further into his mouth until she was asking him to bite her, he soon got fed up with this and stopped. Mixing him with the other donkeys was not so easy, we tried one at a time, this didn't work he won every time so in the end we put him into the young group and watched them closely get on with it. He couldn't fight them all at once and after a few kicks and bites it settled down. They have their pecking order and he isn't very high up on it, he is more interested in playing and causing mischief. Sometimes he still forgets his manners and kicked Tracy in the field October 2009 but normally he is very well behaved.