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By Anonymous - Posted on 18 October 2009

Persil was rescued in 1996 a poor satllion donkey living in a derelict mobile home (yes he was shut in a caravan). He had a terrible wound on his nose where he had smashed his head through the caravan window probably trying to escape. He was a very angry young man who would kick and bite and refused to be handled. He was obviously gelded, wormed and had his hooves trimmed to start with then we set about making him less aggressive, this was a long job and he would snarl like a dog and lunge at all of the volunteers with teeth bared if that didn't put us off he would turn and kick out. We cured the kicking quite quickly as soon as he turned his bum to us we scratched it for him and he soon realised how much he liked this.Today if you walk up to persil in the field the first thing he does is swing round so his bum is facing you, not to kick you but to have it rubbed. The biting became less as he grew happier and today we would trust him with anyone. Our hard work paid off but we are not surprised he was angry living in a caravan. He needed fields to run in and friends to play with, this is what he has now.