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By Anonymous - Posted on 18 October 2009

Pollina arrived at the Sanctuary on 8th July 2009  having been rescued from Spain, an Andalucian donkey mare 15 months old. Andalucian donkeys are getting very rare as the Spanish people no longer want them for working the land and they are sold for meat. She is the second one we have saved but our funds don't stretch to rescuing more then 1 every 2 years. With all the paper work, vets and certificates plus the transportation it costs about £2000.00 to get a donkey from Spain back to the sanctuary. We would love to rescue more if anyone would like to fund one. We have an Andalucian stallion donkey and are hoping to set up a breeding programme to save these lovely giant donkeys. WE NEED HELP
Pollina is so happy here and loves cuddles and fuss.