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Tracy riding Senna at Radcliffe

By Martin - Posted on 31 January 2010

I really couldnt believe it when i came across this site !!! I used to help out at the donkey sanctuary when it was in radcliffe on trent back in 1997 ( i think ) i helped out on a sunday for a couple of years when i was 12!!! I hold these memories so close to my heart and seein the photos brought a tear to my eye remembering all the oldies Tiger,LB,Lucky etc i remember the goats Annie and Gilbert!!!! Tracy and steve deserve a medal the work they do is amazing!!! My love for animals still continues i still have my childhood pony who was a rescue himself 2 rabbits 4 cats 2 dogs and 5 ex battery chickens!!! I recently went back to work in Radcliffe and its not the same without the santuary and the open days !!!! All the locals i meet speak of the donkey sanctuary!!!

I look forward to the summer when i can bring my family to see the animals!!! Keep up the hard work you are all amazing people

love always Katy keightley xxx